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Archive Room B-2522 is a building for Stella's boat that is used to view memories, portolan charts, and files.


Stella is first instructed to build Archive Room B-2522 by Beverly during the Request "The Beginning and the End", and is the only building that cannot be built prior to this quest due to Stella not having the blueprints for it.

Archive Room B-2522 can only be built once, and cannot be salvaged after building it.


Stella can interact with the movie projector on the right of the room to begin projecting acetates she may find. Only one item may be viewed at a single time, and viewing an item results in an up close view of the projector screen with the room darkened.

Upon upgrading Archive Room B-2522, the filing cabinet can be accessed when interacting with the movie projector. When selected, files on all the spirits that Stella has met can be viewed, and will be updated as each Spirit's questline progresses.


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Filing Cabinet[]

Spirit Entries
Icon Hedgehog.png
  • Her secret pie dough is actually store-bought.
  • Likes one granddaughter more than the rest, but will never tell.
  • Sometimes dreams of Ansgar's strong arms.
Icon Lynx.png
  • Makes a mean guacamole but hates eating it.
  • Despite her vocal protestations, she loves hearing Giovanni snoring.
  • Slapped a Nazi soldier with a cast iron skillet during the war.
Icon Frog.png
  • Caught a fish with his bare hands.
  • Awarded a participation award at a wood carving contest.
  • Sits down in the shower.
Icon TinyOwl.png
  • Won 2nd place at Chelsea's Annual Chili Cook-Off.
  • Never forgets if someone has ever been mean to her.
  • Only had one favourite neighbour in her life.
Icon Bull.png
Bruce & Mickey
  • Thinks you don't need to know right now!
  • Loves marble on everything.
  • Says Mickey has never lost a fight.
Icon Basilisk.png
  • Secretly thinks Demons and Ghouls 2nd Edition is better than the first.
  • Has a fondness for Paul Bunyan.
  • Can't help correcting people who say "I could care less."
Icon Bat.png
  • Has chromesthesia, or sound-to-color synesthesia.
  • Was extremely popular throughout her Art Academy.
  • Wishes she wouldn't act up as much when she gets visitors.
Icon Dog.png
  • Might have eyes in the back of her head.
  • Hates when people drag their feet.
  • Saw the potential in you all along.
Icon Lion.png
  • Splashes himself with other people's perfumes whenever he can.
  • Had once stolen an ashtray that already belonged to him.
  • Knows almost all of Pablo Neruda's poems by heart.
Icon Owl.png
  • Doesn't understand the deal with Chablis.
  • Really likes rugby.
  • Thinks the paradigm shift of postmordernist movements was a mistake.
Icon Deer.png
  • Almost lost a finger while living on a farm in Indiana.
  • Her favourite cigarette brand has always been Red Apple.
  • The night her mother died, she ate five buckets of popcorn to deal with grief.
Icon Hyena.png
  • Likes to boast about his foreign origins, but doesn't know much about his father's country.
  • Often in his underwear, because he "runs hot."
  • Has murky memories of his childhood.
Icon Butterflies.png
  • Never turns down a drink.
  • Afraid of the big unknown.
  • Always there for her big sister.
Icon Mushroom.png
  • Saw a squirrel once.
  • Ate two breakfasts in a day one time.
  • Likes looking up at the stars at night.
Icon Snake.png
  • Thinks citrine and quartz are different stones.
  • Once mimicked the movements of a sunflower field for a whole day.
  • Secretly think Rose's family is weird.


Filing Cabinet

"More archives and notes than you would ever want."


Allows viewing of Spirits' files.