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Alice's Cottage is a building on Stella's boat. It is home to the spirit Alice. It is a unique building.

In Taking the Low Road Stella will be requested to put the cottage on the ground level if it is not already there.



Alice's cottage has light green siding with a dark green shingled roof. The right side is decorated with a trellis adorned in flowers. A section of the building on the left is higher than it is on the right, mimicking the appearance of a second floor. There are two windows on this section, and a third, larger window with shutters beneath them. The entrance is a white two-panel door and is decorated with an image of white orchids.


The walls of Alice's Cottage are a pastel pink, while the floor itself is wooden with dark wooden trims. On the top part of the walls is a tapestry-like design that is adorned with different flowers, curving around the room. There is also a green lamp overhead. There are olive curtains hanging on the left side of the room, while the right side of the room has her bed, with a big pink blanket and yellow pillows. The frame of the bed seems to be made of iron. On the left side of the bed sits a small wooden bedside table, holding a red teapot and a lamp with an umbrella-like lampshade.

When fully upgraded, the left side of the room now holds a pale green wardrobe, which Stella can access to customise her outfits or Daffodil's fur colour, along with several busts that have different hats on them. The middle of the room now has a commemorative dish decoration shelf, holding three pink-rimmed plates on wooden blocks and a series of teacups of different kinds. A white lace hangs on the bottom shelf. There are also framed photos hanging above her bed that seem to be faded. The biggest one shows what seems to be a house next to a forest, while the two photos furthest to the left shows a couple; the first being a mother cradling a baby and her husband embracing her, and the second being a marriage photo. It can be assumed that this is of Alice and her husband, Eugene.


Initial Cost[]


Wardrobe Commemorative Dish Collection Framed Photographs

After building the Wardrobe improvement, Stella will be able to change outfits.


After Alice leaves through the Everdoor, the Nebula Pillbugs Event can be started by interacting with the door.


  • Alice's cottage was heavily based on a game team member's late grandmother's house, whose living room shared the same color scheme as the cottage's interior. Additionally, the wardrobe and hats pictured inside were inspired by their grandmother's love of fashion.[1]