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Alice is a spirit who appears as a hedgehog. She can be found at Mount Toroyama.



Alice introduces the Nebula Pillbug event, allowing the player to collect Nebula Fibre. After Alice visits the Everdoor, the event can be initiated by interacting with the door of Alice's Cottage.


A stay-at-home mom, she spent most of her adulthood looking after her children and taking care of her family’s domestic life. Engaging with Alice meant doing so of your own volition, as she would never dare impose herself. However, she loved fashion, travelling, and Swedish romance novels, which she slowly reveals to Stella. She suffered from dementia in her later years.

In Stella’s life, she represents a turning point in her vocation as a nurse. Alice was the first patient to die in Stella’s care, an experience that reaffirmed her will to work in end-of-life care.[1]



  • Has eaten her favorite meal. (+2)
  • Is starving. (-3)


  • "Says mean things"
  • "Cooks food for you"
  • "Takes out burnt food"
  • "Shops for ingredients"
  • "Picks fresh fruit"
  • "Plays joyful music"
  • "Gossips about recipes"


  • One Shoop, Two Sheep: "I've been asked for some help in corralling some sheep back to their enclosure, in Mount Toroyama."
    1. Get the sheep at Mount Toroyama to follow you by feeding it.
    2. Report back to the denizen.
    3. Find a second sheep and escort it back to Mount Toroyama's enclosure.
  • The Coziest Cottage: "Alice seems eager to join me on my travels but does not want to bother me. Perhaps she would accept an invitation if I built her some quarters? She described a house very passionately."
    1. Build a cozy cottage for Alice.
    2. Tell Alice about the house you built for her.
  • A Coat of Wool: "We have a new passenger aboard... it's a sheep. Alice wants me to shear the wool off its back! Let's go put my barber skills to work."
    1. Shear a sheep.
    2. Talk to Alice.
  • A Spot for Pots: "Alice would like to help with the cooking duties, and thus advised me to improve the kitchen."
    1. Improve the Kitchen with an upgraded stove.
  • Of Warts and Ropes: "Alice asked me to add a wardrobe to her house, and even offered to let me use it to store extra sets of clothes. She seems quite excited by the whole prospect."
    1. Improve Alice's quarters with a wardrobe.
    2. Change outfit with the wardrobe.
    3. Put on the Periwinkle Outfit in the wardrobe.
  • Apples and Oranges: "Alice has fond memories of her past life, surrounded by loving family. She talks passionately about different fruit trees they used to plant. An ORCHARD will definitely cheer her up!"
    1. Build an orchard.
    2. Grow a tree in the orchard.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: "Alice asked me if i would accompany her on a trip to Nordweiler. She is excited to see the village, as it reminds her of her Swedish romance novels."
    1. Travel to Nordweiler.
    2. Join Alice in Nordweiler.
    3. Follow Alice.
  • Taking the Low Road: "Alice might have some difficulty walking down from her house to the deck of the boat. I could lower her house so she has an easier time getting around."
    1. Move Alice's house down to the deck level.
    2. Check on Alice in the morning.
    3. Walk Alice back to her house in the evening.
  • A Chilling Realisation: "Alice, in a confused manner, asked me to find Eugene and tell him to bring her her "old woolly." Maybe I can find what she meant by it, and bring her some other thing instead?"
    1. What did Alice mean by "old woolly"... A blanket maybe? A piece of fabric? I should find out and give it to her. Give her Wool Fabric
  • Annie's Lost Hat: "Alice doesn't seem to recognize me anymore. I think she is scared of leaving the prow of the boat with me. How can I get her out of there?"
    1. Find a way to shake Alice out of her confusion.
    2. Bring Alice to the Everdoor, and talk to her while wearing Annie's outfit with a red hat.



  • Favorite dish: Veggie-Pot Pie.png Veggie-Pot Pie
    • “You know I love old-fashioned food already, sweetheart. But veggie pot pies are the most scrumptious of them all. It is my absolute favorite! I will recall this moment for days! Thank you so very much, Stella!”
  • Likes
    • Old-Fashioned
    • Dessert
  • Neutral
  • Repeated
  • Dislikes
    • Acquired Taste
    • “Oh I’m sorry, dearie, I can’t have such a strong stimulant. Those are so disorienting! I won’t be able to sleep for days after I have this.”
    • Exotic
  • Inedible
  • Not hungry
  • Hungry
    • “How is the next meal coming along? Do you need any help?”
    • “Would you happen to have anything to eat? I'm somewhat hungry, you know...”
  • Starving


  • Cooking:
  • Harvesting:


  • Hugging
  • Second hug

At The Everdoor[]

Potential spoilers ahead!
  • On the boat: "Oh, Annie, we're there, aren't we? Can we go now?" (player says yes) "Alright then."
  • Rowing towards the Everdoor: "What a wonderful scenery! Did you find this place all by yourself, Annie? You'd gone exploring earlier, hadn't you? Always such an adventurer, you. I'm so proud of you." ... "These trees are quite marvellous... Eugene will be so mad to have missed that! Perhaps he'll be able to take some time off next summer... Yes, let's return here. I feel I could stay here forever..." ... "You haven't told me about school recently. Is everything still going well? And your grades, are they... ... Oh, of course, you graduated a long time ago. I'm sorry, I don't know how I got this confused."
  • Just before the Everdoor: "... You're... You're not Annie, are you? Yes, of course... I guess I have been rather forgetful, recently..."
  • At the Everdoor: "Maybe Eugene will... .... When you see your father, tell him about the trees, won't you? I'm sure he'll be excited to come with us next year."

Game Notes[]


  • Alice is based on the grandmother of one of the game's team members, whose passing sadly coincided with the beginning of Spiritfarer's development.[1]


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