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Albert's Shipyard is an island found in Spiritfarer. This is where Stella can purchase upgrades from Albert for her boat.

Boat Upgrades[]

Blueprint Station[]

Beginner - Cost: 0 Glims, Unlocks: Guest House, Garden, Field, Kitchen

Hobbyist - Cost: 400 Glims, 2 Maple Log, 1 Limestone, Unlocks: Sawmill, Loom, Foundry

Craftsman - Cost: 1000 Glims, 10 Oak Plank, 10 Linen Thread, Unlocks: Orchard, Sheep Corral, Windmill

Expert - Cost: 1850 Glims, 10 Iron Ingot, 10 Wool Fabric, Unlocks: Chicken Coop, Lounge, Crusher

Master - Cost: 2800 Glims, 10 Silica Powder, 10 Zinc Ingot, Unlocks: Smithy, Cow Stall, Cellar

Boat Size[]

The Exploring Krill, 'The Exploring Krill is a SMALL-SIZED boat that will always get you where to want to go.' - Cost: 0 Glims

The Intrepid Otter, 'The Intrepid Otter is a MEDIUM-SIZES boat that will make you slip away in style.' - Cost: 1200 Glims

The Adventurous Manatee, 'The Adventurous Manatee is a LARGE-SIZED boat that will drift you in and out of troubled waters.' - Cost: 4000 Glims

The Dauntless Dolphin, 'The Dauntless Dolphin is a MASSIVE-SIZED boat that cannot be beat.' - Cost: 8000 Glims

The Brawlish Narwhal, 'The Brawlish Narwhal is a GIANT-SIZED boat that fights the waves.' - Cost: 16000 Glims

The Flawless Beluga, 'The Flawless Beluga is a MIGHTY-SIZED boat that never sleeps.' - Cost: 30000 Glims

The Silent Orca, 'The Silent Orca is a IMMENSE-SIZED boat that really bites.' - Cost: 45000 Glims

The Fearless Whale, 'The Fearless Whale is a COLOSSUS-SIZED boat of your dreams.' - Cost: 80000 Glims

Boat Improvements[]

Mailbox, 'Take some time to write to your pen pals.' - Cost: 250 Glims, 8 Maple Plank, 8 Linen Thread, 4 Lightning in a Bottle

Icebreaker, 'Opens up a passage on the ice floe.' - Cost: 800 Glims, 10 Iron Ingot, 12 Oak Plank, 18 Linen Fabric, 1 Spirit Flower, 5 Slate

Hermes' Hymn, 'A Figurehead of snakes intertwined. Makes the boat go 20% faster.' - Cost: 1250 Glims, 5 Slate, 18 Oak Plank, 16 Wool Fabric

Rock Destroyer, 'Time to pulverise some rocks.' - Cost: 1700 Glims, 10 Aluminum Ingot, 8 Marble, 6 Fireglow, 2 Spirit Flower

Choral Bouquet, 'A figurehead of beautiful flowers. Makes the boat go 40% faster.' - Cost: 2000 Glims, 12 Ash Plank, 8 Zinc Ingot, 3 Comet Rock

Mist Cleaner 1000, 'Gets any stain out.' - Cost: 3000 Glims, 8 Silver Ore, 22 Silk Fabric, 8 Bottled Ectoplasm, 6 Crystal Glass Sheet, 3 Spirit Flower

Moon Solo, 'A figurehead of the nighttime. Makes the boat go 60% faster.' - Cost: 6000 Glims, 8 Gold Ingot, 28 Pine Plank, 2 Electrum Sheet