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Albert is a character in Spiritfarer and he runs the Shipyard where you get upgrades for your Boat. Each time you visit and talk to him he will have a fin-tastic joke for you.


  • "You know we always joke about the construction here? Don't worry. We're still working on it. Rararara!"
  • "I once had a friend who cut his own toe. He had a new one made of rubber. He was called Roberto. Get it? Rarrararrrrr!!!"
  • "Did you know that I'm the best at sleeping? So good in fact that that I can do it with my eyes closed! Rarrarararrrrr!!!"
  • "We are closing early today, Stella. I have an appointment at the dentist. It's at Tooth 'O Clock. Rarrarararrrrr!!!"
  • "I hope there’s a mirror in that Cellar of yours! Because it's looking gouda! Rararararrr!!!"
  • "My mother had a Coop on her childhood farm. ... Oh, my mother! She wasn't mad at me when I did bad things. She was disappointed in me! I suppose I wasn't what I cracked up to be! Rararararrr!!!"
  • "You've got a cow on your boat. That's neat. Do you know why cows have hooves instead of feet? Because they lack toes! Rararararrr!!!"
  • "Are you hungry? I know a great place to eat. It's called The Desert. It’s famous for its sand which I’m sure you’ll like. Rararararrr!!!"
  • "I heard they just fired an employee at the popcorn factory. He was a good worker. But... they found him sleeping on the cob! Rararararrr!!!"
  • "My friend, John, has been sent to prison. He was a blacksmith. He was caught forging other people's signatures. Rararararrr!!!"
  • "That's a nice Garden. Knock Knock! ... Who's there? ... Lettuce ... Lettuce, who? ... Lettuce in and you'll find out! Rararararrr!!!"
  • "Wait one second! I don't have a joke for the Loom yet. I might have one soon. It's coming. I can feel it... looming over me. Rararararrr!!!"
  • "That Mill looks impressive. Did you know what they call one lonely grain of corn in a tree? No, guess! ... Acorn! Rararararrr!!!"
  • "You've got a beautiful Orchard full of apples. You do know what lives and reads inside, don't you? ... Bookworms. Rararararrr!!!"
  • "You can do incredible things with a sawmill these days. You can even go on the internet. You can LOG in! Get it? Rararararrr!!!"
  • "Look at your hair! Look like someone's been at the baa-baa shop. Rararararrr!!! ... Get it? Because of the sheep on your boat. Nevermind."
  • "That's one mighty foundry. When they built it... they were surely thinking outside the bauxite. Rararararrr!!!


Listen to ten of Albert's jokes to earn the "Dad Mode" achievement.

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