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Achievements are available by completing various actions in game. There are currently 39 available achievements, with 16 of them being hidden on Steam.

List of Achievements[]

  • Hidden achievements can be viewed in the table at the end of the page to prevent excessive spoilers for players. Please be warned that the other achievements listed still have spoilers in them.
Icon Name Description
At least someone is happy.jpg At least someone is happy Make one spirit reach the ecstatic mood at least once
The more, the merrier.jpg The more, the merrier Make 5 spirits reach the ecstatic mood at least once
The happy dance.jpg The happy dance Make all spirits reach the ecstatic mood at least once
Food Delivery.jpg Food Delivery Sign up to Feedorama
Unsubscribe.jpg Unsubscribe Unsubscribe from Feedorama
Big Spender.jpg Big Spender Buy at least 100 items from Raccoon Inc.
Taking Out The Trash.jpg Taking Out The Trash Sell at least 200 items
Monkey 101.jpg Monkey 101 Complete one errand for Francis
Twelve Monkeys.jpg Twelve Monkeys Complete twelve errands for Francis
Monkey Business.jpg Monkey Business Complete thirty errands for Francis
Spiritfared.jpg Spiritfared Bring all releasable spirits to the Everdoor
Sheep Ranger.jpg Sheep Ranger Find and shelter all sheeps
Sheep Cleaner.jpg Sheep Cleaner Shear sheeps at least 50 times
Public Transportation.jpg Public Transportation Use Alex's bus stops 50 times
More Than 15%.jpg More Than 15% Give Furogawa Tour's guide a tip
Dad Mode.jpg Dad Mode Endure 10 of Albert's jokes
Dating Coach.jpg Dating Coach Give a dating advice
The Acrobat.jpg The Acrobat Activate all the shrines
Everything is Illuminated.jpg Everything is Illuminated Light up all Lighthouses
Decked out.jpg Decked out Build all houses and stations at least once on the boat
Master Chef.jpg Master Chef Discover all recipes
Collector.jpg Collector Complete all collections
Bow-Tastic.jpg Bow-Tastic Collect all figureheads

Hidden Achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Fully Improved Gwen.jpg Fully Improved: Gwen Fully improve Gwen's Lodge
Fully Improved Atul.jpg Fully Improved: Atul Fully improve Atul's Workshop
Fully Improved Summer.jpg Fully Improved: Summer Fully improve Summer's Sanctuary
Fully Improved Alice.jpg Fully Improved: Alice Fully improve Alice's Cottage
Fully Improved Astrid.jpg Fully Improved: Astrid Fully improve Astrid's Bungalow
Fully Improved Gustav.jpg Fully Improved: Gustav Fully improve Gustav's Gallery
Fully Improved Bruce & Mickey.jpg Fully Improved: Bruce & Mickey Fully improve Bruce and Mickey's Crib
Fully Improved Stanley.jpg Fully Improved: Stanley Fully improve Stanley's Playroom
Fully Improved Elena.jpg Fully Improved: Elena Fully improve Elena's Cubicle
Fully Improved Buck.jpg Fully Improved: Buck Fully improve Buck's Lair of Wonders
Sealed Lips.jpg Sealed Lips Do not tell Astrid about Giovanni's night excursions
Loose Lips.jpg Loose Lips Tell Astrid about Giovanni's night excursions
First Encounter.jpg First Encounter Have your first conversation with Hades
Second Encounter.jpg Second Encounter Have your second conversation with Hades
Third Encounter.jpg Third Encounter Have your final conversation with Hades
Let it go.jpg Let it go Accomplish your very last objective