Spiritfarer Wiki

Abilities are special moves that Stella can unlock by using Obols on shrines. Shrines are scattered across the world in different locations, each offering a different ability for the cost of 2 Obols. Some abilities will unlock special blueprints for structures to place on Stella's boat.

Many locations, resources, and treasures will be inaccessible to Stella without specific abilities. At Kalstein Mines, speaking with the denizen standing outside the mine will make this explicitly clear, adding the Shenanigan "Training Wheels" to the Captains Log. For this quest, Stella is required to learn Double Jump, Glide, Zipline before entering the mine.

Double Jump[]

Unlock at: Hummingberg

Description: While in the air, press [Jump] again to double jump.

Double Jump allows Stella to jump higher and reach previously inaccessible areas. It is the first ability to be unlocked.


Unlock at: Furogawa

Description: While in the air, hold [Jump] to glide.

Glide allows Stella to use air drafts to float upwards to gain height, and to fall down slowly and glide long distances before landing. Obtaining this ability unlocks the Air Draft structure blueprint.


Unlock at: Nordweiler

Description: Hold [Up] to zipline on ropes and wires.

Zipline allows Stella to slide along hanging rope or lines. Obtaining this ability unlocks the Zipline structure blueprint.


Unlock at: Oxbury

Description: Press [Jump] to jump higher on bouncy surfaces.

Bounce allows Stella to bounce on certain items, such as dumpsters, umbrellas, and window awnings, to gain extra height. Repeated jumping will further increase the height. Obtaining this ability unlocks the Bouncy structure blueprint.


Unlock at: Greymist Peaks (requires Glide and Bounce abilities)

Description: Press [Dash] to release Everlight energy and leap forward.

Dash allows Stella to leap forward at great speed, either from the ground or in the air. Dashing depletes the Everlight (turning it darker in appearance) for about 3 seconds before recharging.

Light Burst[]

Unlock at: Hidden Shrine (requires Request "Demon of Light")

Description: Press [Light Burst] to release Everlight energy in all directions around you.

Light Burst allows Stella to release a circular burst of light from her Everlight. This skill is useful for various collection events and requests such as Buck's Request, The Fires of Tondor, and the Shadow Steel Orcs. This could also be used to help with other requests such as Dust Shades, Pulsar Rays, Jellyfish, Fireflies. Using it depletes the Everlight (turning it darker in appearance) for about 3 seconds before recharging.

Improved Tools[]

Unlock at: Lost Shrine (requires completing Errand "Saturday Night Shopping List")

Description: An Everlight booster that improves both your mining and your fishing.

Improved Tools upgrades Stella's fishing rod and pickaxe. Fishing becomes easier, and a gemstone drops upon mining certain veins.